I am so excited to announce that Autumn Dreams, book two in my Seasons of Love Series, is now available.  This book was so much fun to write (and it had its difficulties), but it is dear to my heart as I overcame a lot of personal difficulties during this book.  I enjoyed the paranormal world I created, which was both challenging and fun. I feel that as a writer, I did a lot of growing.

autumn cover sm

Here is a short blurb:   

Kangee is a SpiritWalker, haunted by dreams of her mother held prisoner by an evil spirit.  She turns to Night Warrior, a young shaman, for help. Together, they explore the dream world and come face to face with the father of evil.  Autumn Dreams  takes them into a world filled with beauty and terrifying darkness.

This book follows Summer of the Eagle, which is the first book in the series. Winter’s Heart follows and is slated for release November 2014. The hero and heroine are going to be so fun to write and the villain truly evil.

You can go to my website to read more:  Http://   Click to the Autumn Dreams Page to read the first chapter. For fun, here is the link for the book trailer:

I also had a lot of fun creating a movie trailer for the SpiritWalker Legend. Part One. 

You can purchase Autumn Dreams for your Kindle, Nook, other E-readers, Tablets Computer and Smartphones at:

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Party Time!:     To celebrate Autumn Dreams, I’m also hosting a Facebook Party November 25-27th.  Should be lots of fun!   I hope you can make it!

Here is a longer blurb:

Evil lurks in the shadows, just a dream away….

Night Warrior is destined to become a great shaman but it is an honor that he will not accept. He is a Dreamer, and no one knows better than he that power can easily be misused.

Kangee is a SpiritWalker, a child of the gods, whose mother disappeared during an attack. Her nights are haunted by dreams of her mother being held prisoner by a monster. She turns to the young shaman for help.

Together, Night Warrior and Kangee explore the dream world, searching for answers. They get more than they bargained for when Kangee learns that her mother is trapped with the Father of Evil, a monster believed to be only a myth . They embark on a dangerous quest to save not just her mother, but the world from the evil spirit.

Autumn Dreams is a story about love, passion, courage and acceptance as Kangee and Night Warrior find in each other a strength that neither knew they possessed before Autumn Dreams took them into a world filled with beauty and darkness.

I look forward to hearing what you think of this book!


Writing Is A Lonely Pursuit, Right?

IMG_1812Today I am trying to write and do some marketing but my desktop seems to be a bit crowded, more than normal.  Now aside from a lamp, monitor and keyboard, most people have an assortment of office implements: tape despenser, stapler, pen and pencil containers, maybe a photo and other, you know, stuff. Me? I have the lamp, the monitor and the keyboard and mouse.

And cats…

As usual, the two beds on my desk were quickly occupied by
first-come-first-serve opportunistic cats. And not unexpectedly, a third cat arrives to find all the prime beds taken. He was quite miffed so I put a knitted vest in front of the monitor and pulled the keyboard to the edge of the desk. Presto! Two cats has grown to three. But the third cat, Koko, isn’t quite happy with the vest today. Normally, it’s acceptable. So I pull down a small, narrow bed from elsewhere in my office and put it in front of the monitor. Okay, we’re good. Nap time commences and I’m back to working.


Except I’m multitasking on the computer and I’m having trouble seeing the progr

ams on the task bar with the way he’s sleeping.

No problem. Book under monitor takes care of that. Beneath my desk, at my feet, there are two dogs in dog beds and a stool for my shot little legs.

Not long after, a fourth cat decided he was cold and lonely. No room for this big guy who is 25 lbs. So into the “cat drawer” he goes (last time he actually broke the drawer).


This drawer holds my lap robes I keep there in case I get chilly.  Okay, I now have four cats, two dogs.  This is typical of my writing time at my desk.  I’m missing one cat and one very large dog.

No Lonely Writer Club for me.

After lunch, I went back to my desk and the fun began anew.  Fifi retained her pink bed, Molly decided she wanted front and center and Snowy, the  big cat, decided he wanted the big bed. Makes sense.  Then comes Koko, who  had the middle bed before lunch. He’s not happy. He’s not opposed to sharing but his sister Molly gives him a swat to the face. Hmm, not good.


I show him the nice, warm drawer bed. Nope, he wants to be closer to me. So he finds a small bit of space between Molly and Snowy’s bed. I move Molly, bed and all, over a tad, spread the vest out a bit and Koko pours himself into this narrow space and we’re back in business, right?  Well, except for not much space to put my arms to type, anyway.

A week ago, I had all five cats. Four on the desk, and snowy insisting my lap was his perfect place. Let me tell you, there is no writing at the desk with a twenty-five pound cat on your lap. Oh, he’s a good thirty-plus inches long (not counting tail


I’m shaking my head, wondering how come I’m not a mean cat owner who can just toss the lot of them out. I mean, I have a beautiful desk, and it’s huge. I bought it to put all my necessary office supplies there, and maybe my amethyst candle holder, a nice hunk of fluorite that I like to handle while writing or even my pretty, pastel kaleidoscope

<Sigh>. I’m a push-over. The cats want me, they got me.

What’s that you’re thinking?  SHUT THE DOOR!


<Another sigh> My office is the family room. With no children at home to make use of both family and living rooms, we literally turned it into a shared office between myself and my husband.  It’s large and has a fireplace which is nice for ambience and warmth in the winter. Unfortunately, there is no door!

No door means my animals know where to find me and most of them are happiest when they are with me. And truthfully, I love my kitties and I’m never lonely when I write, though there are times when I’d love to give “lonely” a shot!

IMG_1801Oh, it’s not just cats on my desk I contend with. One of my pups has caught on to the cat tricks to be close to me. Abby loves to sleep in one of the cat beds. If they are taken, she’s game to curl up in front of the monitor.

Of course, this means that I can’t leave the desk for even a second in case she tries to jump down, and being a yappy, barker, she often has to go see what the other dogs are barking at.

How about you? Do you have writing companions? Do you put your foot down and tell everyone and thing to go away?

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